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  Ommail Messenger Windows Client

The Ommail Messenger Windows Client is a much easier way to use Ommail Messenger than through a web browser. If you have not already done so, you can download it here Ommail Messenger Version 2.7y (1,901,859 bytes - should take about 5 minutes over a 56K modem)

Advantages to using the windows client include:

  1. Faster and Easier Use
    There is no need to wait for a new web-page to load every time you want to do something new. Instant messages , and messages in private conversations and chat rooms are sent instantly to other users rather than sometimes waiting a few seconds like in a web browser. Also, most features can be performed through less mouse clicks than the web-browser.
  2. Less Intrusive
    You can leave Ommail Messenger running while performing other tasks, and can choose to be interrupted by a sound and/or a flashing icon when new messages arrive as opposed to the web-browser which pops up new messages when they arrive. The Windows client also nicely minimizes to a small icon next to the clock to prevent cluttering up your task bar.
For information help on setting up the windows client, see Downloading and Setting up the Windows Version of Ommail Messenger.
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